Saturday, 6 September 2014

More Measurement

Measuring again....

We are still talking about measuring. We used string , sticks in fact anything we could find which could be used for measuring. We realised we need to put our measuring tool end to end. We especially liked measuring each other!!!


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hockey skills....

We have completed our hockey skills sessions. We were good - budding little black sticks.
We know:
  •  to keep our sticks down at all times
  • the correct position for holding the hockey stick
  • to keep our eyes on the ball
  • to put the ball between our legs and waddle like a penguin

Measurement 1

We are talking about volume. Not loud and soft, but how much a container holds. We are comparing the volume of different containers.
We used a cup to find out how much water our container would hold.

But we had to use blocks to find the volume of our boxes.

Henry is using the numicon to help him work out how many rods would fit in his container.

Music and things....

While we learn to play the recorder we are practising many skills.
  • listen
  • follow with our eyes
  • keep the beat
  • sing the melody
  • play as part of a group

Morning Read

Every morning before we begin the day we read. Usually it is the book we had taken home the night before.


Thursday, 19 June 2014

Writing and Reading

Every morning we have a reading session to start the day.

Signs and Symbols Give us a Message
We had a discussion about what is a sign and what is a symbol?

Elizabeth, Riley and Libby have found the sign to say we are an Enviro school.

Hayley is pointing to the sign which tells us where the new Office and Sickbay are.

This sign tells people that this is our school.